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About developer71

I have a day job as a general manager in charge of a retail door shop founded on the dreams of a hard working and honest general contractor who hired me and gave me the tools that I needed to add retail door and window sales to construction company that was buying hundreds of doors and windows from retail suppliers. When I finished the website for the brand new company I was asked why it didn't come up first on Google or Yahoo when searching for it. That was six hours after the build and it had been 5 years since I had built anything on the internet so I told my boss that I would check into doing the SEO work and get back to him. Well in 5 years everything had changed on the web and there are so many more companies wanting the top positions from the search engines that I decided the only thing to do was study until I understood the who, what, and why of SEO. After many 16 hour days of reading and reading some more I had picked up many skills that I was sure I would never use again. Well I was very wrong when I thought that because the knowledge that I now possessed had actually changed my outlook on business and one thing was very clear. The single most important piece of the internet market is traffic period. Without traffic in this economy it doesn't matter how good your product or service is if nobody see's or hears your message you won't survive. Not to mention this all happened at the worst time possible for the industry we are in construction and related materials. This is the result of all of those hours spent and the solutions that I had to find in order to not only find new customers but to retain them while finding the next ones, because the products that we sell are not consumed like food but made to last for 20 years on average.More details coming soon.


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